Nowadays, with numbers of online streaming services available, it is actually worth considering to switch to a new one. Well, one option for you to keep your almost perfect playlists is to create those playlists all over again in a manual way. But, that would take you decades to finish it completely.

Another way is to begin everything from zero. Meaning, you’ll have to make new subscription for a new music playlist. However, maybe you are like those individuals who’ll want to automatically transfer their music. Yet, your problem is your Apple device. Keep in mind that Apple Music doesn’t have a built-in playlist transferring feature.

So, to help you on that, below is the step-by-step process on how to switch your Spotify music playlist on Apple Music.

Transferring Spotify Music Playlist to Apple Music

  1. Select Spotify as the music source. Moreover, choose Apple Music as the new playlist destination.
  2. Click ‘accept‘ once the prompt pop-up ask you for the availability to connect Spotify to Apple Music.
  3. Allow it to run in the background until its job is completely finished.

Eventually, you will see that you have a brand new Apple Music playlist. Browse it so that you can check it you have missed something or made some errors.