As part of the newest evolution of music, TikTok has already had a tremendous effect on the music industry, driving songs to success on the program to the peak of the Billboard lists. Now, to assist more musicians get their music heard, the firm is developing its music distribution and marketing network, SoundOn.

Artists can now immediately upload their music to TikTok and parent firm ByteDance’s music streaming service Resso, as well as worldwide streaming platforms including Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify, Tencent’s Joox, and Pandora.

SoundOn’s Music Distribution

The platform’s music distribution is provided at no cost, and the platform waives all transaction expenses.

SoundOn will pay out100% of revenues to music composers for an unlimited duration on ByteDance-owned platforms. This includes TikTok, Resso in Indonesia, India, and Brazil as well as ByteDance’s CapCut video editor software.

The compensation for international streaming services is also 100% in the first year but drops to 90% in the second and subsequent years. Artists will maintain all rights and revenues, according to SoundOn’s FAQ, which means they will control their masters and receive 100% revenues (or later, 90 percent ).

According to the SoundOn website, distributing music through their platform puts tracks there next to TikTok developers.