Streaming subscriptions are a great way to give a gift to your loved ones. It gives them the opportunity to access tons of awesome tunes they can stream at their leisure.

With so many different services out there, it’s hard for any music lover or audiophile in your life—whether young or old, or novice listener; everyone will find something useful here. Thanks largely because these streaming services the same thing — access to all those amazing songs without having to buy albums/singles constantly which saves money over time (and space).

So, it is really a nice idea to send these music streaming apps as a gift to them. Check here what are those and how to do it.

Music-Streaming App to Send as a Gift


The Spotify Gift Card is a great way to give the recipient your personalised audio gift. You can buy them online or in stores from multiple retailers including Amazon, Target and more! For this digital version all you need are their email address so that it will be easy for anyone playing music on spotify- just visit https://www2 . com/redeem.


You can buy them at any store that sells electronics, usually found near the checkout counter or in a separate section for buying items like this.


Show your love with a thoughtful gift card from! The recipient can choose their own amount, so it’s perfect for any occasion and you’re guaranteed to find something they’ll like too (I’m sure of this because I looked).