Computer keyboard

So, you love playing the piano. Did you know that you can also use the keyboard of the computer as a piano with certain programs (software)? Yes, regardless of the keycap profiles of your keyboard, you can turn your computer into a musical instrument without much effort. The pieces can even be saved and edited. Here you will learn more about how to use your computer keyboard to make music.

To make music with the keyboard

To turn your keyboard into a piano you need a program. For this, you get plenty of choices on the Internet.

Most programs are free, but also perform poorly. For domestic use, however, they are sufficient. For example, Softonic allows you to choose from several offers.

The programs offered there are easy to use and install. Likewise, the software does not require great storage space. You can determine the assignment of the keys yourself in the menu.

In order to really familiarize yourself with the tones of the instrument, you should avoid settings such as bass or rhythms.

The best-awarded program with the provider is KB Piano. With the program, you can not only record your pieces, but the software offers different sound options.


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The sound is not comparable to a piano

If you use your keyboard as a piano, you should be aware that the sound is not comparable to a piano. No matter how good the program is, it cannot replace a mechanical musical instrument. The software is usually useful for beginners. Here you can familiarize yourself with the sounds and the first finger exercises via your keyboard before spending a lot of money on a piano. With the help of the software, you can also learn to read music. You can also try to compose your own pieces. The advantage of the program is that you simply have to uninstall it if you find that a piano as a musical instrument is not suitable for you.