Driving can be fun but it can be stressful as well. There is a difference between leisurely driving through the countryside and being stuck in a traffic jam in the city under time pressure. Thus, before heading on your long drive, make sure to get car wraps ny to protect your car.

But especially when things are not so relaxed, you should turn on the radio and listen to your favourite music. This has now been confirmed by new studies.

Music lowers stress levels while driving

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Stressed drivers have more accidents and more heart attacks. Scientists found a simple way to prevent both.

For a study from Brazil, researchers at São Paulo State University (UNESP) had several women drive in unfamiliar cars through busy streets in unfamiliar parts of the city. The perfect recipe for a good dose of stress, they rightly thought.

While one group was allowed to listen to instrumental music, the other group had no radio. The result: when music was playing in the car, the heartbeat less quickly. The blood pressure remained lower because the drivers were less stressed.

This meant a lower cortisol release, which in turn protects the heart and circulatory system. Although the experiment was conducted with only a few participants, the results were extremely clear, the researchers emphasized.

In the study, women were selected as subjects in order to get clearer results that are not influenced by different sex hormones.

Car wraps: What music relaxes you best in the car?

Anyone who thinks the happier the better is wrong. Because a study commissioned by Ford and Spotify and carried out by New York University showed that it is the songs with a melancholic touch that are particularly relaxing. So rather minor than major, definitely music with tempo can help you relax.

Lana Del Ray, Adele, Amy Winehouse, The Killers and Foals are among the recommendations of the experts from New York. Conveniently, a playlist was also supplied with the study.

Poignant texts that convey how a crisis was overcome and a problem was successfully solved also seem to be helpful. Perhaps because it conveys hope that the traffic jam you are currently stuck in will eventually clear up.